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Studio R Salon & Spa is proud to be one of the first in Edmonton to use the Soprano®ICE with the Soprano®ICE applicator; the next generation technology from an industry leader in pain-free Laser Hair removal.
Key Features:
– Works on all skin types
– Treatments can be had all year round
– Quick Treatments
– No Down Time
– Pain Free (feels like a nice hot stone massage)
You’ll experience a minimum of 80% hair loss after your treatments and say goodbye to razor burn, painful waxing, bumps and ingrown hairs! After each treatment, you’ll find regrowth is lighter and finer in texture.
Rajan is Licensed & Certified Laser expert with years of experience. Using cutting-edge laser technology, Rajan provides a quality service with the best results. She is well equipped to advise you and to answer all questions you might have about the treatment. She performs each treatment meticulously, with no rush or time restriction. When you are on the treatment table, your satisfaction is her only concern and she will make sure you are satisfied.

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    Rajan has a beautiful salon and she is wonderful to deal with. She's incredibly fast to respond to inquiries and also very knowledgable. I started laser hair removal sessions with her in October and couldn't be happier with the results so far. The laser system works very quickly, and I saw results after just one session.

    Roxana Wackenhut Avatar Roxana Wackenhut
    March 15, 2017

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